Welcome to ProSoftwarica

ProSoftwarica is a company offering high end services for the development of complex, rubust, scalable industrial quality systems. Knowing that every problem is unique, we commit ourselves to solving clients' needs by delivering topmost services:

“Your Need is Our Mission”

Our Markets

Market leaders aim to sustain their leading positions by endorsing innovative, quality solutions and technologies. Experience shows that there is a shortage of this kind of service on the market and ProSoftwarica aims to fill this gap.
We provide services for the following vertical markets:

  • Engineering of complex, high performance, mission critical IT systems

  • Rationalisation of software development tasks by use of automation
  • IT services for financial and insurance markets

Unique Capabilities

Systems Engineering with ProSoftwarica has a different look and feel: it is efficient and evolutionary, inspirational and open-minded. We have no secrets but a lot of ideas and technologies in our pockets. As a result, we welcome all your change requests anytime. By talking to us you can learn exactly where we are at the moment in the development lifecycle. We understand the advantages of robust architectures, early feedback, visual modelling, automated testing, scalable core assets and bring them to the markets.
We commit to deliver full system functionality, on time and within budget to our clients.